Monday, November 10, 2014

All in a Day's Work Here in the JKM!

Hello. My name is Elder Harris and I am going to write about my week right now. My week was great. About like any other week the past couple weeks.

A., the one we dropped last week showed up to church yesterday. She wouldn't let me shake her hand because she said that she didn't like us anymore. I asked why and she said because we haven't called her or stopped by her house this week. I guess she didn't really understand what we meant when we said, "Because you aren't progressing, we aren't going to be come over here anymore, we still encourage you to read your Book of Mormon, Pray, and come to church but we aren't going to be able to stop by as often." Obviously we said it a little bit nicer then that but you get the point. I wish that she would get married or separated because she shows up to church even though we hadn't seen her for 10 days. She also taught FHE at C.’s house on Monday, (she is related to C., and C. is also one of our investigators) and she chose to talk on the Law of Chastity, now if only she would live it! Hopefully this drop pushes her  to start working towards something in a serious way.

We did service for Sister M.'s family again, the one we built the house for. We chopped her yard for her, and it was ridonkulous! It was super thick weeds! Chopping yard here with a machete is pretty fun, it's like taking a sword outside to cut your grass and all the weeds, but the weeds are MUCH larger in stature out here! It's fun, except we did it in the heat of the day and I got so many blisters! They would come in and then they would pop and then they would reblister after that. That was super lame, but it is all in a day’s work in the JKM!

So the Chickingunia virus is for reals when they say symptoms could last for months and years! I have bad joint pain in my wrists, and feet every morning! It's been like that for... basically the past 2 months since I got it. It wears off throughout the day, but every morning I feel like a super old person, everyone still has the joint pain symptoms sometimes. Whatever, only have a few more years until it wears off apparently :)

 Well not too much happened this week, have a great week!

Nuff Love!
Elder Colton Harris

The preferred way of carrying groceries home.

I will never complain of a push mower again!

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