Monday, December 2, 2013

Importance of Going After the ONE!

Well this week was another pretty good week. I too can't believe it is December already! Time is going quick! Well we had a pretty good week this week.  The highlight was Thanksgiving, and Pres Brown and Elder Anderson (our area president) came and visited.
So on Wednesday Prez and Elder Anderson flew in.  They were on a mission tour so they visited all 21 branches in our mission.  We were the last one, so of course they followed the old saying by leaving the best for last! It was a really quick trip, they got here at about 4, we went and checked them into their hotel, came to the church and had a quick dinner, had a branch council training meeting, then a member fireside/ devotional. Those were really good, it definitely was good for the branch to hear that, hopefully we can keep the fire going under the member so that the missionary work can speed up here!! It is going pretty good, but it can go faster! So when those were over they split up, pres came with us to visit a less active member and Elder Anderson went and visited a less active couple with our branch president.  Both of those visits were really worth while! It really helped the branch and I the importance of going after the "1". Here you have a very busy mission president, and an area president who covers almost 500 wards/ branches, who if he visited one unit every week, it would take him over 8 years to see all the units in his area, they are only on island for 18 hours, and while they are here they wanted to each go and visit a less active.  They could have came up with plenty of other meeting to tell people how to go and visit people or something and we as members would just go back into our regular routine when they left, but instead they took the initiative to set the example for all of us.  Both members came back yesterday, and seemed to really enjoy it, now we are going to progress them to the temple!
Thanksgiving was also good! We stayed pretty busy, ate some good food, got splashed by a huge wave (btw the big wave came inside the car, i'll explain it later), talked to some R-LDS people which was very weird as well.  So the R-LDS people that we talked to were at Sister Bush's house when we went over there for dinner.  All of her in-laws, plus her husband are from that reorganized church, now the Community of Christ church.  It was so weird to talk to someone who believes the Book of Mormon is true, knows Joseph Smith is a prophet, yet they still aren't in the right church.  But we did get a return appointment with a couple of them cuz they don't believe in their church anymore. I guess when the name changed, a lot of their doctrines changed, and some of their prophets were basically forced to resign, so I guess that name change turned out quite nice for us! 
So I was talking about the big wave that came into our car.  So on Thursday, this big storm that Cayman gets only once a year was here. It is called the Nor' Western.  So usually the ocean is really calm and still just like a lake almost. So this storm brought in so huge waves!! They were crashing up on all the stores and restaurants on the ocean.  So we drove into the Burger King parking lot that is on 7 mile beach and we were there looking at them.  So the parking lot is on a retaining cement wall type thing right on the ocean. On a typical day the ocean would be about 20 feet down the wall, with barely any waves.  So we parked about 10 feet away from the side of the wall and were taking pictures and videos. We were there for a couple minutes and then right before we left we saw a big one coming in so we decided to watch it.  Well this last one was the dagger.  It hit the cement wall and splashed up 15 feet or so above the wall, and right over to out car totally coming right inside!!! We had the window on Elder Runyans side down to get good pictures, obviously not expecting it to be that big and it DRENCHED him!! It was so funny, we got it on video and we have pictures.  Anyways sometimes we aren't the brightest bulb in the knife drawer! 
Well the 3 main people we are working with right now are D. who is the husband of a member, N. who is also the Husband of a member, O. who we found through a member, and is also good friends with R., and G. who I think we will drop soon! Anyways I am glad that you guys had a good Thanksgiving, I am sad I missed it! Page looked so awesome! The helicopter ride over lake powell looked even better!! Those pictures you guys sent to me were beautiful! Have a good week! Love you guys!!
Love Elder Colton Harris

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