Monday, November 25, 2013

Can't believe I am at 9 months, could've had a baby in that amount of time!

So once again it is Pday, time to write home again! The past couple weeks have just been getting better and better and this week was no different! At this rate I have no idea how I am going to be able to go back to Jamaica and serve there cuz this place is dope! But I kinda do miss Jamaica a little still, just being able to ride your bike down the same street 5 times a day for 6 months straight and seeing something different that you haven't ever seen in your life before every time you ride that road... that is the miracle of Jamaica, and that doesn't happen here as much.  Anyways today is Pday, and we had zone conference today!! YAY that is what I wanted to do all day!! I don't have a clue why they decided to do it today but our whole Pday was shot! Elder A. (our area president) is on a mission tour with Pres B. and so they held a zone conference for our zone today from Nassau, which we weren't invited to again :( So zone conference just barely was pretty good. Since we don't have a lot of time I have to be quick.  We had a branch pool party this weekend and it was really really good! So many people were there and and about 20 non-members! Boo Yah!  We had a bounce house and a cotton candy machine and snow cones.  We had BBQ chicken, steak, ribs, hamburgers, and hot dogs, and an unlimited supply!! It was so awesome!! It is so awesome! It seems like everything I have done here so far is prepare for parties and baptisms. Ok jk that was a joke but the branch has so many activities that they go all out on, and especially in this upcoming month!!

We also had a baptism on Saturday! R. got baptized! It was at the church this time, we thought about doing it in the pool but the more we thought about it we decided that it wouldn't be good to tie a party and baptism together, but that was Saturday night and it was great!

I am scared for Thanksgiving, we have so many meal appointments planned, this is going to be bad! We had one Thanksgiving dinner yesterday and I was hurting after it, plus she sent us home with so many leftovers! I’m going to be eating turkey for weeks and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! This meal was after a branch luncheon, oh yeah another activity yesterday hosted by the relief society after a visiting teaching seminar or something. Anyways it has been really good! Can't believe I am at 9 months, could've had a baby in that amount of time! Well have a good week! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Love Ya

Love Elder Harris
Six cruise ship day!

Sign that should be on Jay Leno!

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