Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Priesthood Works!

Sunny and 75 here!!! I'm so sorry to hear about all the minus 0 degree weather you guys are having.  Now I know why this is the busy season here Cayman, everyone wants to get away from that weather!
Anyways it has been another good week! I'll start off with the good news we received this week!! We got told that Elder Runyan and I will be staying in Cayman until the middle of February!! :) I am stoked, there was a possibility that we would go back to Jamaica the first of January but not anymore! They also told us to go apartment shopping and car shopping cuz 2 sisters are coming in 3 weeks.  In February when we leave 2 more sisters will come out here and it will be an all sister area! Sisters are taking over all the off island areas I am so glad I got to come out here lol! Anyways when that time rolls around I will have not seen another elder for 6 whole months since we are staying each others companions! That is crazy!
Anyways this week we had our branch Christmas party! It was really good! We had ham, turkey and roast beef! We get fed way too much here.  In Jamaica all I wanted was more food and here all I want is less food! Anyways it's a good problem to have I guess.
Well on Wednesday we had a pretty cool experience! This little kid in the branch, his name is T.  I think he is like 4 or 5, well he has been having some problems lately.  He has been losing his balance and IDK some other things were going on.  Anyways, some Dr.s here told his mom that his symptoms are the same as a brain tumor, so they set him up to get air ambulanced to Miami Children’s Hospital to get looked at better.  Well his mom called us and our branch president and asked if we could give him a blessing before they leave so we went and did that.  We got to the hospital and went to the pediatric ward and he was sitting on his sister’s lap and in a lot of pain.  He had been like drowsy for a day or two and never wanted to anything. He did say when we walk in "It's the mishomaries!!" But then he went right back to the way he was.  Well we talked to his mom and dad for a while and his mom said I have to warn ya that last time T. got a blessing he was down for days, right after it was over he started bouncing off the walls! We were like ah that's cool ya know.  Well before the blessing his sister passed him to his mom and he was in so much pain during that little transition, we gave the blessing, and immediately after President J. said amen he jumped down off his moms lap and started running around and playing with all the toys that were in the waiting room there.  He wanted all of us to play with him and everything.  His mom said that ever since that blessing that is the way he has been.  They still went on with the trip to Miami because of what the Cayman Dr.s said, but in Miami after all the tests some of the Dr.s and nurses said, “Are you sure he wasn't faking it?  Was he really having those symptoms?” They couldn't find anything at all wrong with him.  They did, I guess, say that there were 2 minor things though, but, who knows, I could have a dozen minor things wrong with me right now.  Anyways they sent him back and all is still good.  The priesthood works.
The branch primary program was also this week, it was good.  We had a lot of less active parents come to that so that was good.  We had Mission Leader Council this week as well which was really good, now the down side to that is that I have to get a lesson together for zone meeting on Wednesday.
Oh by the way mom, the mission is having a Christmas devotional thing on the 21st.  They are streaming it on the internet and told us to tell our parents in case they wanted to watch it. It should be pretty good.  All the branches in the mission will be watching it.  I gave them your email address and they will email a link to you on the morning of the devotional. It starts at noon your time and so you should get that email at about 10 or 11 if ya want to watch it.
Well we are still working with the same people I said last week and also a new one named D.! They are all really busy and hard to see but things are still going good! Love you guys! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!!! I love you guys!!!! :)
Their humble Christmas Tree...love the tie garland!

Hot tubbin'...missionary style!

Big Tree at Caymana Bay with Colton

Big Tree at Caymana Bay!

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