Monday, September 15, 2014

Training Again!

 Family! What's up?! Devin I can't believe that you are heading off to Brazil tomorrow! You are starting the best journey of your life! I have started to train again this week cuz I must not have done it right the first time and have been thinking that about your first couple weeks in the mission field, it's the best. Everything is just so brand new and it's just great. Transfers were on Tuesday this week. We went in and I swapped Elder Davidsen for Elder Chappell. Elder Chappell flew in Jamaica in Monday and is from Pleasant Grove Utah. He's 19 and Jamaica has made him super wide eyed! Ha both times I have trained I remember how I was when I arrived in Jamaica. It's funny cuz everything that I thought was "weird" has now become normal to me. He says that when people speak it might as well be Spanish because he can't understand any of it. He says he probably knows more Spanish than what he understands in Patios. He seriously thinks that the church should have us stay in the MTC for a couple extra weeks and learn how to understand Patois. When I think people are speaking clear and clean English he still looks at me and says he can't understand. There is a Jamaican elder in our house and the elder speaks good English but the accent makes it so he still can't understand's kinda funny. He is a great missionary, wants to work hard and be obedient so it makes my job a lot easier. He is picking up on stuff quick, the language, the lessons, so it is pretty good. He loves the food. He asks a million questions but that is good, because of that he is going to learn things a lot quicker than I did cuz I just went with the flow of things. Also, answering all the questions make me feel super smart, so keep the questions coming! :)

 Well the chickungunia virus is behind me...I think. Sister Brown said symptoms could come off and on for years even if you think it is completely gone. YAY! :( On Monday my hands felt like I had dipped them in an acid bath. Anything I touched hurt so bad. I had to keep looking at my hands to make sure they weren't filled with blisters. It was crazy. Riding a bike was hard with that! Elder Davidsen had the same thing happen to him with his hands and so did a couple others in the mission who got the virus. It has turned into like a really bad thing in Jamaica. On Wednesday we gave 2 blessings to members who had the virus.

  So A. is planning on getting married to her baby father E., hopefully we can get all of that squared away so the marriage can happen in October. She didn't come to church yesterday so we are going to have to find out why. It's too bad. Have started teaching a couple others too. On Saturday night we stopped and asked this lady for directions to an address in her neighborhood. After we got the directions she told us that Sister missionaries used to hire her to clean their house. She told us how she was taught the Law of Chastity and the sisters must have made a good impression on her. She told us how her husband died a year ago and how her mom died earlier this year. We asked her if she knew where they were and she said she didn't know for sure but that she thinks she has an idea. We quickly taught a couple sections of the Plan of Salvation and she just lit up. We left the pamphlet with her to read in detail and told her we would come back and explain it in detail this week. We were about to go and we asked if there was anyone that she knew who was going through a rough time in their life, or who could benefit from the message we share. Wow she pulled out her address book and gave us like 12 referrals; her kids and some other people she knew. Not saying all of those referrals are going to be elect but at least we have names to work with already. It saves us the dirty work of being on the streets trying to start awkward conversations with people to get to know them. The spirit touched her heart when we taught that little section of the plan of salvation and she wanted everyone she loved to hear about it too.

 That's it. I am excited to get pictures from Devin next week from Brazil! Take care bro! 2 more years till I see ya. Love ya!

One Love.

Elder Colton Harris
Elder Chappell, Elder Stewart, Me, Elder Jackson
Dirty, grimy, gross light switch that I had to clean
My closet... I call it a "walk in" closet because before I rearranged our bedroom, every time I got out of bed I would accidentally "walk into" it. BTW it is just a piece of wood coming out of the grills
Our lovely floors that look like a 3 year old installed it. They got more glue on top of the plastic tiles than they got on the bottom! It is super bumpy too. If you look in the glare on the left side of the pic you can see how bumpy it is, the whole floor is like that.
 The fridge... I think the office elders found it in a gully. A couple weeks ago ants got into my food while it was in the fridge, we found out that the seal around the edge doesn't completely seal, so ants could get into it. That's why it doesn't keep our food very cold either. 
Our shower right when I got here. #Gross! We cleaned it, but most of it is permanent, even a lot of rust. That is why I shower with my flip flops ON! 

After we cleaned it.. still gross

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