Monday, September 8, 2014

Chickungunya Virus and Oval Rim

Well everyone we have had quite the week! It started out all good, then went downhill, then went into a big pit, and then came back up again. It started out good as I said. The rim on my bike got pretty messed up this week. I broke a spoke, and then throughout the rest of the day spokes just kept breaking. By the end of the day I had like 6 broken spokes. The next day we decided to ride to Rastaman Bike Repair Guy so that he could fix it, on the way there 6 more spokes broke and my rim looked like the letter C almost that's how bad it kept getting bent. It started out with 1 broken spoke and a small small bend in the rim, and ended up with 12 broken spokes and a super bent rim. Usually getting the bicycle rim tuned is a really routine fix, but this time it wasn't. It couldn't get fixed all the way so now my rim is oval, that kind of makes riding more interesting and more difficult as well. So Wednesday is when it got great though. Had district meeting in the morning, Ap's called minutes before it started and said they were going to be there. It turned out really good. Elder Davidsen woke up with red dots all over his body and seemed pretty sick. After district meeting he couldn't do anything so he went home with Elder Campbell because I was going on a trade off. I went out to an area called Hayes, if you get a chance look it up in conjunction to Maypen because it was a trek! Well the next day I got sick too. We called Sister Brown and she said that we have Chickungunya virus. Apparently it is a virus that is being spread throughout Jamaica right now through mosquitoes. Oh it was terrible. My body temperature was so hot! Joint pain comes with this virus too and my joints hurt so bad! I could barely walk, it hurt to even move my fingers and stuff. I got the red dots too. There is no cure for it so she said to take tylenol for the pain. I was really only sick for Thursday and a little bit on Friday. Elder Davidsen had it a lot worse than I did. He was sick Wed- Saturday. Man staying home while on the mission is so boring. I could have left the house on friday but because of Elder Davidsen we stayed in. 
So I am going to be training next transfer! I guess I am pretty excited about that. I go into Spanish Town tomorrow to pick the new comp up. Should be a good week. A. and E. are getting married the first week of October, after that she can then get baptized! I got to go, the computer is about to lock me out, I ran out of time. Have a good week! Love you!
 Big UP.
Elder Colton Harris

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