Monday, August 4, 2014

Excruciatingly Hot...Day and Night!

Well everyone it has been another week! My last week in Kingston went good. Said a lot of goodbyes, did a lot of packing etc. We had transfers on Friday this week so we all headed to Spanish Town. Transfer meeting was good, and then we headed out. Had a very squishy ride to Maypen! we fit 6 elders and all of our luggage, bicycles, and so much more in a little like half sized truck. Lets just say that it was stacked high! we got pulled over on the way cuz of how it was stacked, but he saw that we had strapped it down good and let us go. I got to Maypen and things are going pretty good. I'll send ya pictures of my new house next week to see if it compares to Dallon Ebmeyer's new apartment, I'll let you guys be the judge of deciding lol. So I sleep on a foam pad, nope that's a lie.. I actually sleep on 3 foam pads stacked on top of each other. I would sleep only on one, but there is a board that is missing on my bed frame, so anything less than 3 foam pads I fall down in it. These foam pads are killing my back, I can't sleep at all on them. I did get to sleep but I keep waking up in the middle of the nights. I wake up and I am completely wet, and I wonder why, and then I remember that there isn't even a fan in the house for me. So not only is there no A/C, but I don't even have a fan so it is excruciatingly hot at nights! With a fan blowing on high it is bearable to sleep, but without a fan it's impossible. When we go to bed, not just here in Maypen, but all over the island, our house is about 92 degrees. When we wake up in the mornings it is about 87 degrees in our house, and during studies and lunch it's about 96 degrees. It's draining to be in that heat literally 24/7 but it's all good. Back home when you're in the shade it's a little bit cooler, but because of the humidity the only difference between the sun and shade is that you don't get blinded since we aren't allowed to wear sunglasses since we are 'CIA'. On a bike in the sun all day is even worse since we are outside all hours of the day, not one lesson indoors ever. The only time I am indoors is at our house or for 3 hours at church on Sundays. So my new comp is great, he's from Canada. The area is pretty okay as well. There are a lot more hills here compared to Kingston and Spain! My legs have just been on fire because of these hills lol. It's fun because we ride around on like mtn bike trails all day that are in the bush so it is kind of like a jungle, just a little bit of a dry jungle right now because we are in a bit of a drought here in Jamaica. The drought is pretty bad. We had a mission wide fast for rain yesterday so hopefully things start to turn around. I'm going to have to repair my bike a lot more often because of the terrain here! I've been getting chased by dogs again that are ferocious while on our bicycles. These aren't your typical United States dogs that might chase you. I never got chased in Kingston, but here we do. They keep ya awake while riding. I kicked one the other day when it jumped to get my heel while I was riding, that just made it come at me even faster. Whoops. Our teaching pool is small so we have to do a lot of finding. The branch is good too. There was about 90 people at church yesterday. It's just a little bit smaller than my previous 3 branches that I served in. Well that's about everything I think. Big up to di brim ya ear! Live up what's left of summer! Enjoy the sun going down so late at nights cuz it get completely dark at like 6:15pm basically year round here! One Love.

Elder Colton Harris

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