Monday, May 26, 2014

Lucked out twice this week!

So quite a bit has happened over the past week or two. So something that I forgot to tell you about last week. Sister D. set up an FHE with the family of an older gentleman of our branch. The older gentleman, Bro W. has only been a member for a few years. Well he has quite a few kids and he basically dis owned them all during their childhood. He had a stroke a year or two ago and Sis D. has been trying to find his family to see if they can help him out cuz he needs a lot of help right now. She was able to find some, but basically everyone doesn't want anything to do with him now in his time of need cuz he wasn't there for them in their time of need. Well after trying for a while to get them some help, she finally found one of his sons that was willing to contribute something, she thought it would be a great opportunity to share the gospel. So she set up an FHE with Bro W's son and his whole family. Bro W. had never met most of his grand-kids and great grand kids that were there. P. is Bro W's sons name and he had 3 or 4 kids that attended and they each had a child or two as well. We used the opportunity to share with them the importance of families and how we should be working right now to prepare to live with our families forever. We shared some short church videos and had refreshments afterwards. They live in the Downtown Branch so we turned them over to the elders down there and they are teaching them now, hopefully things go good with them. Last week when I was in Downtown I saw Elder Wright (my trainer). He is the branch mission leader in that branch and he was out with the office elders doing some teaching, it was good to see him. 
So IDK if I told you this yet or not, I think that I have forgotten to tell you this the past couple weeks, but it is going to be Elder Holland that comes next week organize the stake! I am way excited about that! The only downside is that he is going to be here and most likely I won't get to see him live :( Due to not enough space at the Spanish Town chapel the are broadcasting it for the 3 branches here in Kingston. There is a Saturday afternoon session that is not going to be broadcast but by the sounds of it it sounds like our mission pres isn't going to let us go to that session. Lame!! He is going to be in a chapel 8 minute drive away from me for 3 days and I won't get to see him.
The work for us is definitely turning around! Last transfer was pretty slow but we have been blessed to find quite a few people to teach. It has made our week go by so much better! Hopefully we can get them all progressing now! One of them is Brother O. who came as a media referral. He is from Nigeria and most of his family over there are members of the church so when he goes back to visit them he always goes to church with them. Recently he went and visited some of his cousins in 
This week I also went on a trade off to the zone leaders area. They cover an absolutely amazing area. It is so beautiful. They cover the mountains surrounding Kingston. It was the first time that I have left the concrete jungle of Jamaica and actually went to the Tarzan Jungle of Jamaica, which I have only ever heard about. It was way neat. Elder B., the missionary I was with has his driving privileges revoked so I got to drive for the trade-off. Driving in Jamaica is way fun. You can drive hard and do crazy things and it is completely normal here to say the least. What made it better was driving through the mountains. The roads up there, well everywhere, but especially up there are terrible and some are dirt roads so it felt like back home driving through the hills. There are like cities with stores and shops built into the mountain side up there. It is kind of spread out but it is definitely a unique area. They also cover the campus of the University if the West Indies. We went there and had a lesson with a less active member who is from Africa going to Med school there. She was way nice, and we were able to teach her friend too. It was fun being back on a collage campus. We topped of the trade off by hitting up Chilitos Jamexican food! That always is a bonus.
Also on Saturday and Sunday I went on a trade off to Downtown with the office elders. I have never done a trade off on a Sunday before, never even heard of it being done before but I thought it would be a good chance to see how the missionaries interact with members and missionaries in a church setting.  The Downtown branch is quite different then the previous 3 branches I have served in. It is quite small  but it is getting there. It was a successful trade off. That one was in a truck too so I lucked out twice this week. :) 
Well happy memorial day! We are heading to the zoo as a district soon, should be pretty good! I hope you all have a great week! Happy summer!!!! :) 

One Love. Elder Colton Harris

This is a link to a quick article on the temple trip. most of the people in the story and pictures are from my branch now or Spanish Town.

Pic 1) Red Hills!! View of Kingston

Pic 2) Trade off to Downtown!Jamaica Temple TripJamaica Temple Trip

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