Monday, May 19, 2014

Spending Time in Downtown This Week

Dear one and all! Things be going good here! We have had a really good week! I spent a lot of time in Downtown this week. The elders there had 4 interviews for me to do so I was able to do 3 of them on Wed and I went back and did another one on Thursday. It was cool. On Wed I interviewed a family. Their mom was baptized about 2 months ago and I did her interview as well back then so it was cool to interview her husband and 2 of her daughters. Her son also was baptized but he was 8 and a child of record so I don't interview him. The family is really cool. The youngest one, she is 10 and her name is A., was so awesome! I mean they were all prepared for baptism but A. just blew my mind. Her intentions and stuff are just so pure and she has been taking this so seriously. I asked her what she likes to do and she said "read". I was like oh cool are you reading any interesting books right now? She said Yeah it's a book called the Book of Mormon, and then she goes on to explain like all of 1 Nephi to me perfectly. We went to their baptism on Saturday as well in Downtown. During the baptism a "mad man" came into the church and sat down on the couch. Well some kids come into the room and tell us so me realizing that I am the biggest person on the property stood up and went and escorted him out. Well he started like yelling stuff at us right outside the door and then he reaches down and grabs my hand and kisses it... that was so gross!!! He did it pretty fast, I didn't even realize what was going on before it was too late. He got my hand all wet and I had to go wash my hands for like 20 mins! 
So last night we went and contacted a referral, his name is J. We started teaching him the restoration and a couple minutes in he starts talking and he says "God showed me a vision last month, I saw a golden bible with the word 'truth' on it." We were like woah. When we got to the part when Joseph translates the gold plates we had him read that paragragh. He obviously really liked it. We told him that it's not a bible, but it is scriptures. He is a great guy, we're seeing him again tomorrow. We also taught his sister and brother last night with him and they are cool too. 
Well I can't believe that Devin will be graduating this week! Man I am getting old! And he is too! Good luck with that! Happy summer vacation to everyone else! Have a great week! One Love.
Elder Colton Harris

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