Monday, December 1, 2014

To Junction!

Alright so I am starting to email you at 5:45 p.m. today! Today has been a crazy day! I woke up early and started studies at about 7 this morning because the zone leaders came and picked me up at about 8 so that we could go into Kingston. This morning there was a trainers meeting in Kingston, so yes as you can guess by now, for the last 3 months of my mission I will be training again! So transfer calls came on Saturday. I am not in my new area right now like some people think I am, but I am going to be serving in the village of Junction! It is in the parish of St Elizabeth. There is more to it though.  So there is a sister companionship that has been working there, they are leaving.  And me and my new trainee will be white washing the area, and we have the whole area all to ourselves. I go into Spanish Town on Wednesday to pick him up. After that we are going to the area not knowing any investigators or members or anything. I have never been to Junction and there are no missionaries there to show us around so it is going to be great! I am really excited for this, it is going to be challenging but also great! We went to the mission office today after the trainers meeting and Prez Brown pulled me into his office. He told me that I came within an inch of becoming branch president out there. I'll be honest, I am super glad that I don't have to train and be branch president! But, they decided to make a guy named Bro C. branch president. Bro C. is blind, and there are only 18 people that show up to this branch so pres said I will be the branch clerk and branch this and that and that we are going to be driving Bro C. around helping him to fulfill his calling and stuff. I am super excited, it is going to be a great 3 months! I have never met Bro C. but everyone says he is the most awesome guy ever! So that is that, I'll let you know next week how Junction is. I am also excited about the new "He is the Gift' Christmas initiative that the church is doing this year. As missionaries it will be a great tool to find new investigators, especially since I will be in a brand new area, I am going to use that so much in order to find new investigators. If you haven't seen the video you should watch it, He is the Gift.  Watch it and then find ways to #sharethegift this Christmas season with anyone and everyone.

I am really sad that I am leaving May Pen. It has been great here, and honestly the past 4 1/2 months have flown by like just a few weeks!

For Thanksgiving this week we made rice and peas and then we went and bought an apple pie from the grocery store! That was the best part! We were in Mandeville this Wednesday for zone meeting so we went to this American style grill.  It was great. We also considered that part of our Thanksgiving.

This week there were 3 baptisms in the branch. They were from 2 of the sister companionships here. I had interviews with them all this week and they are great! Originally all 3 of them asked me to baptize them, I told them to spread the wealth a little bit so one of them asked Pres Brown to do it and the other one then chose Elder Martin. Pres Brown agreed to do it throughout the week but then on Saturday I talked to him and he said he wouldn't be able to make it to May Pen and asked if I would baptize the person for him. Long story short, I baptized 2 people this week which was great and then I confirmed the other one in church on Sunday.

Sorry that this is so short and scattered, time was super limited.

Have a great week! Love you all!
Elder Colton Harris
Thought this shack was great!

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